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I am a Swedish fly tyer and fly fisherman who likes to think I know a lot about the hobby. So much, in fact, that I think I can give other fly tyers and fly fishers something to test or develop further. Nobody knows everything though, so I try to search the web and books to find out more. Some of it ends up in this web. I've been fly fishing and tying flies since 1977 and I'm still learning.
  Here I am with a beautiful brown trout (almost 2 kg) from the northern part of Sweden. It took an imitation of a little sculpin. At the same time I got another brownie on the same fly - weight 700 grams.
My fishing buddy got one on 1500 grams as well.

Feel free to contact med with questions and thoughts about fly fishing and fly tying. I'll do my best to understand and to help if needed.

e-mail me:
flies at ehnstrom dot se

or phone me: +46176261510

Contact me                                           I sell flies and fly fishing stuff
As you can see I do some shopping. I tie more flies than I can use myself, so I sell to other fly fishermen, who by any reason, don't tie their own flies. Standard flies you can probably find elseware easier, but some of the patterns I'm alone to tie. You can find Euro prices in my new catalogue.
You can order directly from the site or by mail or letter.
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