Do you know how many fly patterns there are? Guess not. There are thousands - perhaps hundreds of thousands. No one can have them all, but then again, many are similar so that's no big deal.
Like every fly tyer I make copies of other tyers' patterns, and I also have my very own models. Feel free to copy them and try them in your home waters. Maybe one of my flies can give you a great catch.
Some of my patterns are given including full descriptions and pictures, while in some cases there's just a picture. If you contact me if you would try to make one of those, I'll send you a description.

Fly Type

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Shrimp. For the Sea Trout and Salmon.

Corixa - Water Boatman. You can find them almost in every lake.

CdC Floating Nymph. Fish it free floating in rivers or slowly retrieved in still water.

LE Midge - Mosquito. The perfect fly for early season hunt for Arctic Char.
Daddy Long Legs/Crane Fly. Also good early in the season for the Arctic Char and later in the season for Trout.
Flying Ant - Needs no explanation. When ants is on the water....

Deer Head Caddis will be swimming towards the shore - striping the water.
LE Cinnamon Sedge. A well known sedge fly in resting position.
LE CdC Vesterelva Pupa. Outstanding for Sea Char in Northern Norway and for Trout in the rivers.
LE Cripple Caddis. Hanging in the surface with the abdomen under it and thorax just in it. Deadly as emerger or cripple.
Black Martinez
Well known to most fly fishermen.
Deli Hepta May Fly
The Yellow May Dun with foam body and medallion wings.
Elictric Buzzer. Got them in hot red, hot orange, hot olive, sunburst and hot blue
Nymph Head Heptagenia Nymph.
Tuffleye Hydropsyche Larva.
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NGD Sculpin. Nice fly for all those brownies that feed on fish.
Nymph Head Gilled nymph.
Nymph Head Stone Fly Nymph.
LE WaterWing BWO.
Tubefly Humming bird.
Pearl Caddis.
CdC Emerging Caddis.
Nymph Head Gold Softbody Nymph.
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